Shades of grey

A situation – you call black, I call white
We discuss all through the day into the night
Into the dark, unto twilight
Our understanding – our imagination taking flight

Slowly our words become trite
We argue, with no respite
Not a worry, about the consequences of the fight
Not a worry, about the slew of slights

Supporters of both our camps, quite forthright
In their understanding, of wrong from right
Quite a riot , they manage to incite
There seems no end, no end at all in sight

Seemingly, at the rope’s end, one reaches a bight
Another look at the situation, an idea ignites
Maybe it was wrong to reject black outright?
Maybe it could be understood just a shade light?

Slowly, the discussions start to get polite
Looking at their view, and loosening the hold on ours – tight
An understanding emerges – Neither black nor white
But, beautiful shades of gray, a true delight!

A ladder of learning!

A poem I wrote for a poetry contest.
It’s the ladder of learning
Each and every rung unraveling
An answer to a long session of questioning
A sudden clarity like dark, jet black clouds withdrawing
Like the sunlight after a storm, the comprehension enlightening
Some are satisfied, but many are left, for more, thirsting
Take care, though, watch where you are going
A wrong step can be misleading
Down, one comes tumbling

The missing puzzle


Sa Pa Sa

A poem I wrote for a fancy dress competition. Na R and Ad all participated. I dressed them up at a backbone, made with construction paper and cardboard and they sang the three notes before Na recited the poem.

Sa Pa Sa

Ripples on water – with a stone

A soothing rhythmic intone

To Music, they are the backbone

Sa Pa Sa

First notes, a student must hone

A musician setting the tone

A tuned tambura’s drone

Three swaras set in stone

Sa Pa Sa

Each note holding its own

Three notes that don’t have any clones

Sung together, sung alone

Three gems perched high on the musical throne

Sa Pa Sa

If strong like the backbone

A soothing rhythmic intone

Pleasing like making ripples on water – with a stone

If strong like the backbone!

If strong like the backbone!

Castle backdrop for a princess !

Recently, a friend asked me to paint a castle for her twin daugther’s princess themed party.  I had so much fun resizing the clipart she gave me to fit the screen curtain on which I painted the entire scene.  The trees were the hardest to get right, I am so happy with the way they turned out.  Image


So what do you all think? Like the way it turned out? 




So what do you think of this?





A fresh start…

Taking care of three girls and my “crafty” pursuits allows me no time to blog!  I have been wanting to start writing again for quite sometime and decided to make a fresh start after R’s 4th birthday. 

She wanted a Rainbow birthday and I fell head over heels in love with the theme.  My sister and I spend weeks, planning and working on the various aspects of the birthday party, which was thoroughly enjoyed by the guests. 

Below is a collage of photos from the party – 



Rainbow tissue paper pompoms – I followed instructions from

Rainbow crowns – I follwed instructions from here.  Each child was given a premade crown(each crown took me about 10 minutes to make) along with a zip lock of adhesive jewels to decorate their crown with.  We had them fix it to their head with hair clips. I was a little apprehensive that this might be too girly, but the boys that came to the party had fun with it too 🙂 Oh, the kids also got a nametag attached to a friendship bracelet made with rainbow twine. The nametags were then used to play the “Pin the nametag on the rainbow” game. 

Once decorated, each child was invited to stand near the tissue paper rose wall to get their photo taken. 

We had an art table set up with a crayon resist activity. On white sheets of paper I had the message “Thank you” and the child’s name written with white crayon.  The children were asked to choose a rainbow watercolour to paint on the paper.  The look on the children’s face when they unraveled the message was priceless!  The inspiration for this came from you Shruti! A big thanks to you, for your crayon resist ideas 🙂 

My good friend read the book Elmer’s special day. It was thorougly enjoyed by all the kids and even now by my kids.

Lots of rainbow snacks like rainbow goldfish, rainbow vegetable salad, fruit salad, home made rainbow frosted vanilla cupcake and rainbow cake and pizza made the rainbow party a grand success. 

 After food, the kids played a “Pin your name on the rainbow game” and then just hung out playing among themselves before calling it a day 🙂

I had a blast planning and executing this birthday. Thanks for the wonderful theme R, may you always have a Rainbow Birthday 🙂 





She loves me..

but not my singing 😦

My personal music critic – my little Ad!

Little Ad critiques!

On that note!  Happy New Year to all of you! Stay safe!



My my!!! Where did the time fly??

2 weeks of uncertainty

2.5 months of hiding it  from family

1 week of “Really? Again?!!” ‘s , “No, you didn’t” ‘s , “Do you know what it is?” ‘s to “I hope it is a boy finally” ‘s to “I guess you want a boy that bad” ‘s from family and friends.. actually this continued through out the 9 months! and is still going on among those who got to know recently that I have a three girls 🙂

3 months of trying to fit Na and R into an Indian life, attending Indian schools, going through lot of emotional trauma trying to manage everything on my own without H’s help.

2 weeks of confusion, thanks to Indian Government policies on visitor visas – Delivery in India or Delivery in US

2 days of decision making, going back to US! Although sad that I will be leaving my parents and family, I was also glad that I am going to be back with H on whom I can lean on the most, at all times 🙂

4 more months of apprehension, more tests, more apprehension, many many more questions!

D-Day- Baby ‘Ad’ arrived  🙂

3 more months of apprehension, since she supposedly had some issues with her heart. The doctors examined her at 3 months and found nothing! After she turned 3 months old, we have truly enjoyed our  girls and thanked God everyday for blessing us with three cuties!

Today Ad turned 6 months old.   Considering she has occupied very little blogspace on Naradtales, what better occasion to make an Ad-specific post!  Happy Birthday kanna, thank you for coming into my life! Truly,  I did not know I would enjoy you this much 15 months ago 🙂

Ciao for now,


Give me enough rope…

and you get this!


I made this wall hanging for my parents, when they left from here.  I used some rope that was lying around the house, colourful yarn, some colourful pompom’s, mirror’s and the tin part of some tea light candles, used during Deepavali.

Ciao for now,




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