Darling Kachda Phenko!

In my community trash days are Tuesdays and Fridays.  Collecting garbage and keeping it in front of the house is a task I absolutely detest, hold on for a sec, it is second to having to put away folded clothes!

So, anyway, like I was saying this is something I delegate with unflinching regularity :)  So tuesday’s and Friday’s  mornings I am at my sweetest with H.  Today he says to me, kithne pyar sae bolti hai…. Darling Kachda Phenko!


So how was your weekend?

Ours was extremely hectic at the same time we had a lot of fun and heard some funnies!

Saturday morning saw us in the local Babies R Us, all three girls in tow dressed in Indian finery waiting to get portrait pictures taken.  Once this got done, we dropped the youngest one at home with my parents and went to a friend’s housewarming function.

So, before leaving for the photo session, we are all busy trying to get the three ready in pattu pavadais and matching jewellery. Since R(alias the Avial family clown!)  got ready first, I asked H to put her jacket on. H was busy talking to my dad and did not hear her ask him repeatedly to zip her jacket up.    Finally when he realised what he wanted he told her “Sheri pa, one minute wait pannu”. So she goes “I not appa, appa!”   The next 5 minutes saw all of us ROFL :)

I have enrolled Na in Balvihar classes in a school nearby. These take place on Sunday mornings between 10 and 12.  Na has a lot of fun in these classes and recounts all the songs/stories that she hears from her “BalVihar Teacher”. Since the fees for the classes covers the attendance for the family, this week I decided to take R also to the classes.    Although I had my reservations about her, R also had fun, but  she took sometime chilling out with all the folks there.  I guess a crowd of almost 30 kids and their parents overwhelmed her initially :)

My father accompanies me to these classes and we both are astounded every time we see the crowd for these classes.  So many people religiously attending these classes and sharing ideas and that too in a foreign land is really amazing and inspiring.  My dad keeps recollecting that 40 years ago, he used to facilitate Balvihar classes in his own apartment in Bombay and today he is seeing a school full of students of all ages!

Thank you Chinmaya mission for providing this wonderful opportunity to us “desis” in this land!

On another note, this weekend, i.e.  23rd of October Chinmaya mission is conducting a walkathon. It is a charity event to raise funds primarily for rural development as per their blog (http://cmtccordwalkinfo.blogspot.com/).  If any of you are in the area and wish to take part in the walkathon please definitely do.  If you wish to contribute monetarily to this cause,  you can use this link https://cord.dojiggy.com/pledge/index.cfm?585F22080A70647471650147515B357A050A05740171.

Signing off, below is a picture of a lamp that Na made at the Balvihar class this weekend. Really proud of her work since she told me that she did the entire thing herself!   I am so glad she is also bitten by the creative bug..

So tell me, how was your weekend?

Ciao for now,


Zip, Zap, Zoom Ratri!

Seriously, did any of you feel like Navratri just flew by?   At the Avial household, a month of prep work went into getting things ready for the festival and before we knew it the nine days got over!

This year, H built me a wooden stand with five steps. This and the fact that my parents were here to celebrate Navratri for the first time with me, inspired me to set up the golu on a grand scale.  The five steps had mostly traditional dolls and on the side Narad and I made a small Christmas village which came out pretty good I must say :)

It was a lot of fun though, meeting up with old friends and family and making new ones.

Below are a few pictures of this year’s golu.

Ciao for now,


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All izz well!

Hello people!

How are all of you?  It has been a really long time since I posted here.

If you remember, the last I posted was from India. After that many things happened which took up most of my time and energy and the blog became my last priority.  We had to come back from India before my delivery due to some issues with Na and R’s visa. So I came back here end of Feb and delivered my third daughter(Ad on this blog) in the US.  She was suspected with having  some heart related issues, in utero, and was examined at birth.  With God’s grace all issues had resolved by the time she was born. The prenatal cardiologist, wanted to check her at 3 months of age   I took her for an examination last week and the doctor pronounced her healthy and developmentally proceeding as per her age.

This last pregnancy, delivery and post recovery was quite taxing and I am slowly coming back to a routine. I hope to post and take part in events regularly, time permitting!

Looking forward to chatting with all of you :)

Ciao for now,


Knock Knock! Anybody there?

Hola all of you!

It has been quite a while since this blog saw any activity at all. To all of you who wondered/looked/mulled over/pinged me a huge sorry for no updates and a heartfelt thank you! I am very much humbled and honoured by the blog love :)  

The Avial family is doing quite alright and is still stationed in India, atleast the mom and Narad are.

The reason for an extention of their stay is an addition to the Avial household end of may/early june, combined with a severe sciatic pain(it can be a pain in the a**, really!) . The doctor’s in India advised against travelling and hence Avial amma made the decision to stay back!

It has been about a month now since I made the decision and it has taken this time to adjust to it :)  The kids are in a local play school and are liking it now although initially they had huge issues with everything. 

So that has been the reason for no activity on this blog. I am not sure how many posts I will be able to write, the reason being the laptop is not now tied to my neck :)  Hopefully I will be able to put in some update once in a while.

In case I am unable to be frequent, do keep us in your prayers girlies!  And folks that have my contact email/number, do keep in touch :)

Ciao for now,


Adios Amreeka Hola Bangalore!

So, the Avial household is all set to leave to India tomorrow evening. The bags are packed, the mood is set, the family is eagerly waiting and Narad’s enthusiasm to board the flight is very very infectious! :)   This visit is a time for celebrations and I just can’t wait to get there and start that shopping and enjoying all the festivities :) 

I will miss reading up all the blogs  I read regularly.  See you all in a month’s time!

Last heard from Na’s mouth – “Amma, the plane is so high up in the sky, how can we get into it, should we carry a ladder or something?” !!


Happy Deepavali!

Wishing all you a very very prosperous and Happy Deepavali.  Be safe!

Doesn’t the Kamakshi Deepam look awesome in this snap. Love the way, the Amman is shown in the candles light :)

A view of the bakshanams I made at home.  Boondi laddoo, mullu murukku and aval mixture. Breakfast is usually idli and chutney on Diwali mornings.


Updated to add – I am linking this post to  the Diwali Dhamaka hosted by the Key Bunch and Itz festival time on Emreen’s blog.

Happy 4th Star birthday little laddu!

Time does fly doesn’t it. It was like yesterday I was holding little Na in my hands at the hospital and wondering if the hardly 6 pounds, squealing baby was really mine! and today she turns four according to the hindu calendar.  

Happy birthday little one! May you be blessed with lots and lots of aiyya chattai like you keep praying every day :)  and amma is making your favourite noodles for lunch today along with an awesome cake with lots of frosting on it for you.


New Beginnings, weekend update and kala tikka!


Na started sloka class today, it was held at the local Sai baba mandir and both she and I were so excited to be going to “paatu” class as she repeatedly told everyone that cared to listen :)  She was so excited, she refused to take an afternoon nap.  So after giving her a  nice long headbath in the afternoon,  wearing  matching chudidar chattais, off we went to the temple.  Class started in full swing, conducted by two wonderfully talented women. They recited the slokams first and then made the children sing them. Recitation went fine with Na, 10 mins into the singing session, she was snoring!  So much for all the enthusiasm, and teaches me that I need to make her take a small nap in the afternoon!

She woke up promptly after the sloka class was over and was rather upset that she missed all the singing!  On the way back home, I told her that she will have more classes and she can make up for the lost lessons then.  We kept chatting and I got a little philosophical and said that there will be a time when she will be attending a lot of classes, going to them on her own and amma will be too old to take her anywhere and the little imp  immediately tells me “Amma, you are not going anywhere, you will always be with me”! Got me all misty eyed, only the thought that I was driving kept me from bawling!!!

Saturday morning we attended a pooja in a dear friend’s house and the evening was spent entertaining some guests at home. After a very long time, I made “set” dosa at home and it was a hit with the guests!

Hope you all had a great weekend too!


Navratri – Take 5!

This year’s Navratri came and went and yet I did not find time to sit down and put up at least a summary of the event! Finally today, I decided to put up a mini post before Diwali was staring at my face :)

Every year Navratri(I have been celebrating this for 5 years now) is a very grand affair at the Avial household, we host guests almost everyday and a small dinner consisting of  some form of mixed rice, curd rice, one sweet and chundal is given to everyone visiting.  This time however, my health was not at its best and we decided to cut short both our guest list and also the celebrations. 

We did however manage to have a Lalitha Sahasranamam and Vishnu Sahasranamam chanting on Saraswati pooja day which was attended by about 5 families. Overall, I would say, Navratri - Take 5 was a short and sweet success!  Leaving you all with some pictures of the golu.


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