Give me enough rope…

and you get this!


I made this wall hanging for my parents, when they left from here.  I used some rope that was lying around the house, colourful yarn, some colourful pompom’s, mirror’s and the tin part of some tea light candles, used during Deepavali.

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September Artsy Craftsy

This month has been extremely busy, I did not have a chance to sit down and make anything for the September Artsy-Craftsy challenge. I would like to submit return gifts that we gave away to the kids that attended Na’s first birthday and Rad’s first birthday.

Below are some pictures of bookmarks that I made for Na’s birthday –

Bookmark front side – Picture taken from an online website, don’t remember the source.

Bookmark back side – Again the wordings were obtained from a website(don’t remember the source) and tweaked by me.

The tag on each bookmark – Each child got a personalized bookmark and an age appropriate book.

For Rad’s first birthday, along with the Penguin, I made these personalized fridge magnets as party favours for each child.  These are made using popsicle sticks for sticking on the child’s name and clothes pin serve the purpose of clipping sheets of paper. Each peice has two round magnets on the back. This can be used to display all the artwork brought home by the tots 🙂

The age on this, is Na’s work as part of the last year’s mother’s day gift 🙂 Best gift I tell ya!

Shruti, not sure if I have met the deadline.  If I have not, please don’t feel pressured to include these in this month’s challenge!


Kya khayal hai aapka?

I discovered a blog couple of days ago. The blog belongs to a person called Madhavi, who is an extremely creative person.  Below is a Ganesha that she had on her blog and I have tried to recreate.  The background for the Ganesha is from this work of hers.  Dear readers, do tell me what you think?  

Signing off with some Janmashtami photos from the Avial household.


Updated in response to MiM’s comment

Shree Krishna was given a light fat free diet at the Avial household. No fancy-schamcy oil bakshanams. Just sada plain aval nevidyams! I made Puli aval(Huli avalakki), thair aval(Avalakki in yogurt) and vella aval(Sweet avalakki).  Apart from this, He was offered Milk, plain yogurt and butter. In case He was interested in them, some panagam and chukku-chakkarai! And the regular fruits.

My dad after seeing the Varalakshmi Nonbu snaps said, “May She bless you with all round prosperity”. Hmm, considering am already blessed with “allround” do you think I can exchange that blessing for something else? 🙂

Dear FIP(friend in Philly), recognize the vennai eating Krishanar bommai?  That was the super hit of yesterday, everyone loved it! Thanks once again for that 🙂

Tata once again!


A sticky challenge!

Although late, I am sending my “No stitch only stick” penguin to Shruti’s August challenge.  Everything on the penguin has been fastened with glue.

For you Priya, below are the steps that I employed to make the penguin –

  1. Take a toddler size socks which has an ankle( I forget the technical terminology for the socks with an ankle!!!). In the US, you get socks that are like tubes without an ankle, and those socks will not work for this project.  Preferably take a sock that is white and gray in colour .
  2. Fill the socks with whole moong or any other similar pulse. Don’t overfill, leave it at 3/4th’s full to get a beanie feel.  Fold the remaining part of the sock and stick it to the base of the penguin. The folded portion should form a kind of a seat for the penguin.
  3. Cut out wings, beak and feet for the penguin and stick them on to the sock.
  4. Paste googly eyes using glue.

That’s it, you have your very own beanie penguin.

Also, ahem, speaking of “sticks” I won an award on Divz’s blog  for a very interesting Monday Mania captioning contest 🙂

Oh! Last, but definitely not the least, my penguin is up for voting here.  Can you all please vote for me?  Help blog friends!


Are you pro-crastination?

Some people are pro animals, pro teaching, pro this, pro that.. All I am pro is pro-crastination! No matter how many times I regret postponing doing things till the very very last minute , how many ever times I can hear my mom’s voice clearly in the back of my head, singing the “I told you so” song.. ( I have heard this so many times, it has almost entered the “Fond tunes” list 🙂 ) , I still procrastinate! 

The reason for this rant? Parents magazine is conducting a  craft mom’s contest and the last day for submission is today. I knew about this contest for the past month, yet I had been delaying my submissions. Finally today I uploaded my craft snaps on their website.

This is something I made for Rad’s first birthday and have been waiting for a chance to send to Shruti’s artsy craftsy. I may submit it for this month’s challenge, still not sure. 

You can see my submission, here.


One more in the list of trash to treasure..

Narad love to eat fruit based puddings, actually all kinds of puddings, but they are partial to fruit based.  I got a Lychee flavoured pudding from the Indian grocers couple of weeks ago and the kids have binged on them quite regularly.  The shape of the plastic containers that the pudding came in was very beautiful and I saved all the containers for a windchime project that I had in mind. Shruti’s july challenge also co-incidentally had the theme as “Trash to treasure” .

However, lethargy set in and I was nowhere near finishing this project. Thanks to H’s boot placed firmly on my lazy behind, I worked on getting the windchime done. Below are some  the pictures of the windchime.  The brown bell-like objects are the pudding cups. The plate on top is the lid of a yogurt container.

Na helped me thread the beads and that’s about her assitance in this project.   I guess children in the age group 7-10 will be able to do this with some assitance from elders.  What do you say Shruti?

Updated with a small tutorial – All for you Priya!

  1. Using acrylic colours paint the pudding cups and yogurt lid with a colour of your choice. I’m thinking if you sand the surface of the plastic cups and lid, the paint will stick better.
  2. Once you have painted, and it dries, using nylon thread , thread the beads and fix it to the lid and the cups with knots.
  3. Attach a string of beads to the other side of the lid in the form of a loop, again with knots and viola! you have a beautiful windchime.  I’m guessing the chimes(mani’s) that you get in India are much more loud and musical than the ones that we get here. So while the ones here look fancy, not too much noise 😦

Hope this helps Priya.  Let me know if you need more details.


So what do you think…

about these paintings?

Your choices –

  1. Too gaudy and amaturish
  2. What were you thinking? (ahem, drinking..:))
  3. Okay, decent attempt
  4. Very very good, wow, you are Picasso in making(for my ego, girls, for my ego :))


Trash to be treasured!

Shruti’s July challenge says that Trash should be treasured 🙂 Below are my treasures, from a couple of months ago –

My first submission is a flower made from used dryer lint.  I coloured the lint using diluted acrylic paint, scrunched it up to make petals and then tied the petals together with tread.

The second submission are again flowers, made using the brown tube underneath tissue and toilet paper.  These are very simple to make –

  1. Start collecting the brown tube beneath toilet/tissue paper .  Family may look at you strangely and wish to disown you, but keep at it, remember perseverance pays!
  2. You can arrive at the desired number of tubes if you can befriend your neighbour and have them also contribute to your loot 🙂
  3. Once you have your tubes, make marking on them about an inch apart and using a good pair of scissors cut the tubes on the markings. This will give you nice petal like shapes.
  4. Paint the petals with whatever colour you choose.
  5. Hot glue these shapes together and embellish the flower with anything you fancy.

Untill next time!


Balloon painting

And no, it is no reference to me painting 🙂

Two days ago, in an effort to keep Na busy, at the same time retain my hair and sanity! I googled for some activity for her and found this –

 She did not want to do finger painting, brush painting when we started and the balloon stamping that they suggested seemed to be very easy and fun. She definitely did have fun and is a proud owner of the below frame(it houses a snap of her taken when she was 4 months old, the current residents are temporary!) –

Please proceed to congratulate the bride and groom 🙂

I’m sending this to Shruti’s June Artsy-Craftsy “Block Printing”.


My first Scrapbook!

I made a scrapbook, actually memory book for a friend who turned 40. His wife had organized a surprise birthday party and this was one of the gifts from her to him.  It turned out pretty good, at least guaging by their reactions, that is what I felt!  Below is the picture of the front cover.

I had so much fun making this book and now I think I will do this for my children also.  Has anyone of you made a scrapbook before? If so, please do send across fun ideas which I could use!!!

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