Shades of grey

A situation – you call black, I call white
We discuss all through the day into the night
Into the dark, unto twilight
Our understanding – our imagination taking flight

Slowly our words become trite
We argue, with no respite
Not a worry, about the consequences of the fight
Not a worry, about the slew of slights

Supporters of both our camps, quite forthright
In their understanding, of wrong from right
Quite a riot , they manage to incite
There seems no end, no end at all in sight

Seemingly, at the rope’s end, one reaches a bight
Another look at the situation, an idea ignites
Maybe it was wrong to reject black outright?
Maybe it could be understood just a shade light?

Slowly, the discussions start to get polite
Looking at their view, and loosening the hold on ours – tight
An understanding emerges – Neither black nor white
But, beautiful shades of gray, a true delight!

A ladder of learning!

A poem I wrote for a poetry contest.
It’s the ladder of learning
Each and every rung unraveling
An answer to a long session of questioning
A sudden clarity like dark, jet black clouds withdrawing
Like the sunlight after a storm, the comprehension enlightening
Some are satisfied, but many are left, for more, thirsting
Take care, though, watch where you are going
A wrong step can be misleading
Down, one comes tumbling

The missing puzzle


Castle backdrop for a princess !

Recently, a friend asked me to paint a castle for her twin daugther’s princess themed party.  I had so much fun resizing the clipart she gave me to fit the screen curtain on which I painted the entire scene.  The trees were the hardest to get right, I am so happy with the way they turned out.  Image


So what do you all think? Like the way it turned out? 




So what do you think of this?





A fresh start…

Taking care of three girls and my “crafty” pursuits allows me no time to blog!  I have been wanting to start writing again for quite sometime and decided to make a fresh start after R’s 4th birthday. 

She wanted a Rainbow birthday and I fell head over heels in love with the theme.  My sister and I spend weeks, planning and working on the various aspects of the birthday party, which was thoroughly enjoyed by the guests. 

Below is a collage of photos from the party – 



Rainbow tissue paper pompoms – I followed instructions from

Rainbow crowns – I follwed instructions from here.  Each child was given a premade crown(each crown took me about 10 minutes to make) along with a zip lock of adhesive jewels to decorate their crown with.  We had them fix it to their head with hair clips. I was a little apprehensive that this might be too girly, but the boys that came to the party had fun with it too 🙂 Oh, the kids also got a nametag attached to a friendship bracelet made with rainbow twine. The nametags were then used to play the “Pin the nametag on the rainbow” game. 

Once decorated, each child was invited to stand near the tissue paper rose wall to get their photo taken. 

We had an art table set up with a crayon resist activity. On white sheets of paper I had the message “Thank you” and the child’s name written with white crayon.  The children were asked to choose a rainbow watercolour to paint on the paper.  The look on the children’s face when they unraveled the message was priceless!  The inspiration for this came from you Shruti! A big thanks to you, for your crayon resist ideas 🙂 

My good friend read the book Elmer’s special day. It was thorougly enjoyed by all the kids and even now by my kids.

Lots of rainbow snacks like rainbow goldfish, rainbow vegetable salad, fruit salad, home made rainbow frosted vanilla cupcake and rainbow cake and pizza made the rainbow party a grand success. 

 After food, the kids played a “Pin your name on the rainbow game” and then just hung out playing among themselves before calling it a day 🙂

I had a blast planning and executing this birthday. Thanks for the wonderful theme R, may you always have a Rainbow Birthday 🙂 





Time and Tide wait for no man!

It’s true, but life does give you second chances 🙂

During childhood and my teen years, or for that matter even when I started working, I was probably the only person who was the most laid back, extremely lazy, never stressing out kind of a person.  My parents would be at their wit’s end trying to get me interested in some activity or the other. My dad would often quote the above trying to encourage me to learn, but it fell on deaf ears. 

Something changed when I got married and came here. Though initially, I retained my lazy nature, over the course of years I see myself transformed into a “enthu cutlet” (filled with enthusiasm) . Lot of reasons/life events led to this transformation and I love this new me 🙂 (hopefully it is not just a phase!)   Of course, I wish I had paid heed to my dad’s words and learnt all those things that they spent precious money on, I would have probably shaped out better. 

Divz had tagged me long ago, and asked me to list what I want to learn as I grow older.  Since this is my second chance(thanks to H and Narad) when I have time to learn somethings that I ignored while growing up, below is my list –

  1. Carnatic music – This plays a very important role in the day to day life at my parents. My siblings are extremely well versed in music and musical instruments. My parents made so many efforts in ensuring that I learnt this, it is not even funny 🙂  I am tone deaf/rhythm deaf/knowledge deaf(is there a term like that?). Three years back I started learning again,on my own accord,  but I got pregnant with Na and after that have been extremely busy with the kids. Hopefully one day, I can get back to learning this.  
  2. Bharatnatyam – I love this dance form. I learnt it for a year and then gave up. I wish I had continued learning it. Na keeps saying she wants to learn, I hope to live through her in this respect 🙂
  3. Painting – I learnt painting from two wonderful teachers when I was in school/college.  I have miles to go in this and want to learn to paint at least one Tanjore painting. Hopefully one day.
  4. Swimming and Tennis – I listed both together for a reason. I have been chubby all my life and my one and only dear periappa(late) used to be after me asking me to learn either one of these as exercise.  Never paid heed to him then, though I wish I had. Now, I have the time, but there are no slots late night when H can babysit the kids.  When all my stars line up correctly, I definitely intend to pursue these two, at least for my periappa.
  5. One foreign language – I am good with picking up languages, right down to the dialect.   I intend enrolling in classes to learn French and Spanish.

Of the above five, though I am only pursuing number 3 for now, I am planning on get to all 5 in time.

As part of this tag, I need to tag three people.  Since I love to be tagged, but fear tagging anyone specific, I invite all of you to take this up. Would love to read your take on this tag.


And history repeats…


When Amma of the Avial household was a little girl, her parents were put to the ultimate torture of having to swing, her plastic bommais(dolls) in thoolis(cloth swings used for little babies in India ). And what were these thoolis? Odd bits of clothes,  tied to the window sill and these were found in every room.

Fast forward to the future, Avial Amma is still swinging toolis, only this time, Na chooses as her child, toy balls lying around the house! 🙂


V vish you a happy Vishu!

V vish you a happy Vishu!

V vish you a happy Vishu!

V vish you a happy Vishu!

And a happy New year!!!!

(sing to the tune of  “We wish you a happy Christmas”)  🙂

Hope everyone out there is having a great time!

Signing off  with Vishu photos from the Avial household –


Hello world!

All you blog Devi’s and Devatha’s(blog readers also included) out there a big Namaskaram!

Welcome to naradtales!

I hope to put up a lot of posts for your reading/entertainment(hopefully)! Do check this space out off and on!!!