Hum honge kamiyaab!

A couple of days ago a good friend of ours invited us to a concert by YSL. Having attended another program earlier by a different set of young talents of NJ, I was very skeptical about the quality of this concert.  My friend and her husband had to constantly reassure me that this concert should not be missed( Thank you D and A for this!)

So Narad in tow, H and I attended the concert yesterday.  To say that the performances was stupendous would be an understatement.  The young artists had a strong hold on the language and the music and created magic on stage.  It was heartening to see kids born here so well versed in carnatic music!

Bringing Narad up in the US, I am often plagued by whether I will be able to successfully instill some of the Indian culture (read – classical music, classical dance, painting, and food!, in my case ) .  The recent years of my stay in New Jersey has shown me that the Indians in NJ are more into  my kind of “culture” than probably my peers back home !

Yesterdays music program once again drove home to me that my kind of culture is definitely rich in New Jersey!  The dedication to music among the artists and the pride among  the parents was noteworthy.   Kudos to you all for having persevered in instilling music in your kids, and  having kept up with the endless practice/soul-searching/questioning sessions.

As a young parent, I thank you for upping the interest in my little ones, who have been constantly holding a “Kutchery” at home since we came back from the event 🙂 Hopefully one day they will be able to make their mark in some form of fine arts….
I have been humming “Hum honge Kamiyaab ek din” ever since!
Ciao for now,


  1. Priya said,

    November 29, 2011 at 12:01 pm

    You are right Shankari. People who go overseas seem to be more into these than the ones right here.. for whatever reasons..
    Good for you 🙂
    I have similar hopes too.. but how i’ll make things happen is beyond me as of now 🙂

    • Shankari said,

      November 29, 2011 at 3:55 pm

      I guess it is because we feel if we don’t enforce on our kids, they will never learn anything about their roots. I guess as parents both here and in India, we can show the kids a path that we intend them to take and then pray real hard.. and the kids might actually succeed.

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