Crickyet another interview!

When the Tulika blogathon 3 got announced, I was not sure what to write. Sports is definitely not me, oh, I do love the eating part involved in it, especially when everyone is very involved in the game and not looking at the yummy goodies. But enjoying the game, well that is another story!  Ah! Story, now that I can do, I out came the pen, a couple of thoughts and presenting to all of you, an interview! ( did you notice how I even talk in rhymes these days? did ya? did ya?)

An interview with “BAT-EIN”, the talkative bat!!

I guess most of you will remember Prince Narad’s travels to the east where he meets Mr.Peacock. When he was enjoying peacock’s dance,mesmerized by it, he heard some loud clapping and cheering. Thrilled for Mr.Peacock, he says “Wow! you have so many fans!”. Peacock sighs and asks him to look over the bushes where some humans are playing a game. There were others who were enjoying this game and that was the sound of clapping and cheering!  When Narad wonders what it is, the Peacock says that this game was called Cricket and is played and enjoyed by everyone there.  He told Narad that  humans got so involved in the game and they forget everything except watching the game!

As they were talking, the game got over and the players put  a long wooden thing, on a bench near Prince Narad and Mr.Peacock.  The ‘thing’ which was actually the cricket bat,  looked up to them and said “Hello! My name is BAT-EIN! How are you guys?” which took Peacock and Narad by surprise.  “Can you talk?” they asked and the bat said “Yes, they don’t call me ‘BAT-EIN’, just like that!!”  

Now, Narad is really intrigued and wants to interview the ‘BAT-EIN’ the bat.  The bat takes a look at Mr.Peacock and says – “I have an idea for the interview. Always the players are asked about how they feel when they score/don’t score, why they get angry and so on. I am never asked any of this!  So Prince Narad, can you please base your interview on the 11 rasas(emotions) in dancing?”

Narad thought that was a brilliant idea, since there are 11 players in the game,  and interviewed the bat. Below are BAT-IEN’s rasa -thumbida answers to Narad’s questions!!

Cricket season has not yet started where I live and I did not want to put up any child’s snap on the blog. So I came up with this idea.  If some of you are still reading out there! and are upset over my use of two heavy subjects(dancing and cricket) in a light way, this is what I have to say –

Purists, I don’t mean to give you fright

This is just my imagination taking flight

At two o’ clock on a Saturday night!


P.S – In the slide show, words in italics are cricket related, the cricket terminology has been taken from here.



  1. Shilpa said,

    April 20, 2010 at 8:27 am

    cute bat….loved it 🙂

  2. Kavitha said,

    April 27, 2010 at 12:24 pm

    Superb!! Thatz a good shot!

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