How to make “Fourever Friends”?

Aim – To keep a not so sleepy toddler busy so that mom can watch some TV!

Ingredients –

Paper clips – preferably same size

Pencils with eraser tops

Scotch tape

Insulation tape, black colour

Ice cream sticks also called popsicle sticks.

Method –

  • Put insulation tape around the pencils just below the eraser to create an effect of antenna.
  • Fasten the paper clip to the popsicle stick, with scotch tape,  with the steel handles spread out like wings.
  • Stick the pencils to the paperclip with more scotch tape
  • On any cardboard/heavy cardstock, colour any colour you fancy, shape them out like wings and attach them to the steel wings of the paper clip.
  • You can improvise by adding googly eyes, smilies. Experiment and enjoy!!!

That’s it, the butterflies are ready to take flight!

Happy puppet making!

Result – Toddler got busy with some other craft and mom got so involved in butterflies that even dinner was not served!!!


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  1. March 18, 2010 at 3:55 pm

    […] All in all a very fun project with puppets and a story woven in! For the tutorial, please check here. […]

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